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STOPTOBER 2020 - Discount Code Inside

I'm sure you already know, Stoptober is the yearly UK stop smoking campaign and is organised by Public Health England - the same people who came up with the famous phrase 'vaping is 95% safer than smoking'. The Stoptober campaign was launched in 2012, it has helped over 1 million people quit! 
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CBD Part 2

CBD takes a while to build up in your system so it's important to use CBD once or twice a day, every day. You may not see results immediately, it's a waiting game.
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Nicotine Salt Shots

Nicotine salt shots are 10ml 18mg 100%VG the difference between nicotine salt and freebase nic is that salt nicotine interferes less with the overall flavour of the E liquid and provides a more potent nicotine hit with less of a throat hit, resulting in a smoother vape. 
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Freebase Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots come in small 10ml bottles in 18mg strength with varying ratios of VG and PG. For all of our E Liquids we recommend 100%VG 18mg 10ml Nic shots. All of our nic shots are made from pharma grade ingredients. 100% VG nic shots will take away the pepper taste of the nicotine which can often un balance the flavours within a 0% E Liquid. 
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Vaper's Tongue

There are many myths and 'cures' such as - vaping a strong menthol flavour or even inhaling the smell of fresh coffee beans, if you are fortunate enough to have a hoard of FRESH coffee beans lying around then I guess you're all good?
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The Big Switch - 3 min read - Guest post

So, Here’s a topic I thought I would bring up as it’s something that really does interest me across the whole of the vape scene. When is or is there a right time to switch from your desired nicotine strength to Zero nicotine? Or more to the point, Is it something you as an individual would like to do?
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