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June 12, 2020 3 min read

Some of you may be familiar with the pictures in the tabloids featuring a guys face severely scarred through the misuse of a vaping device known as a mechanical mod.


These devices are also commonly referred to as “mech” mods.


This blog is going to act as an introduction to this type of vaping product.


It’s about to get serious, folks!


Mechanical mods should only ever be used by experienced vapers. In no way should they be used as a gateway into vaping by a novice. Hopefully these blogs will help you understand why!


A Brief History Of Mechanical Mods


We can trace the beginning of these types of devices back to well over a decade ago. As the popularity of vaping grew, the patience of those using internally fed batteries diminished. Hard to believe then, that we can thank the trusty corner shop cigalike for the birth of the mechanical mod.


How was this achievable?


A flashlight... Yup!


The earliest pioneers took to these because they used a single external 18650 battery that most vapers now take for granted.

The tube of the flashlight already had the positive and negative terminals so it was only a matter of replacing the bulb section with an atomizer housing, effectively modifying the flashlight itself to serve a completely different purpose.


Some would suggest this is where we get the name MOD from. A modification and thus the invention of the first “tube” mods.


By today’s standards they look primitive but also played a pivotal role in the creation of a new business platform.


An Introduction to mechanical Mods


The most important thing to remember with a mechanical mod is that is does not contain any electronic parts. This means there are no inbuilt safety chips, no circuit protection, no handy screens displaying vital info. .. Nada!


It’s basically you, a battery and a tube mod.



The exclusion of circuitry therefore means that there is no way of regulating that external battery. Each draw or vape will be slightly less significant than the last and the danger stems from attempting to pull too much power from a depleting battery.



“Mech heads” know when to replace a battery by the decrease in flavour and cloud production.



Without getting too technical (this is an introduction after all!) the majority of modern tube mechs are very expensive. Why would that be if there’s less going on inside them?


Cheaper build material is responsible for power loss to the battery so copper, silver plating or even gold is used as a better “conductor” when designing a mod and of course this pushes the selling price up quite considerably.


A Few Closing Thoughts


It’s not so relevant these days with the high powered regulated box mods on the market but back in the day choices were very limited when it came to achieving a “hotter” vape.


Mechanical mods could send up to 140W through the atomizer providing a very satisfying, cloudy and flavoursome vaping experience if only for a very limited period.


It was enough to keep many folk happy and sales reflected this.


Over time, horror stories of exploding batteries have eaten away much of the initial appeal of mechanical mods and they are now generally received as specialist products.

Between 2009 and 2016 there were 195 separate incidents recorded in the US, all relating to vaping batteries.This of course, is an anti vaping journalists dream come true!


Put into sensible context, there were over 12,000 fires caused due to faulty electrical appliances in the UK alone!


We live in a day and age where a mere sneeze would see health and safety running for the nearest report form.


So it is that safety is the number one priority for vapers. Not only mechanical mods but all vaping devices. Should be law.


..We’ve got the nearest thing. Ohm’s Law. Eyes peeled for the next blog!

3 Responses


February 11, 2021

I use ohms law almost daily due to my work, my advice to anybody that wants to start building there own coils is stay away from mech mods until you have a good understanding of what your doing. Buy yourself a good reliable ohm meter ( buy cheap buy twice) you can get good results from a regulated mod and be safe.


October 01, 2020

As im not at the stage of building the info given is grate and you can get a good understanding of the law before attempting to use a mesh thankyou


October 01, 2020

I myself love my Mech mod but knowing the Ohms law is a must,When things go wrong and they “Explode” Etc it’s mainly due to inexperience,Most Vapers that use Mechs will happily help you to learn and remember,No vape question is a silly question.

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