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June 12, 2020 3 min read

Not all coil quality is the same. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me there.


It’s not just the quality but the material used and just how it is used. For example, I’m a big fan of Wotofo quad core fused clapton pre made coils. Ni80 hits harder and faster than Kanthal.

Personally, Ni80 produces better flavour too.


What’s also very important when it comes to flavour is surface area.


Why Is Surface Area In A Coil So Important?


Put simply, the larger the surface area the more liquid that gets heated by the coil. Not only is cloud production improved but flavour quality too.


A perfect example of this would be the Prebuilt coils of the Aspire Cleito 120 Pro which uses part of the chimney section as the coil itself thus increasing total surface area.


Aspire themselves have since moved on and entered the Mesh arena as a way of improving surface area further.


What Exactly Is A Mesh Coil, then?


A mesh coil is a strip of metal with holes punched in it and because these strips are flat, minimize volume while increasing the all important surface area.


They can be made from Kanthal or Stainless Steel.


Something to note is that mesh is not new as a wicking material. It was originally used with rebuildable tanks prior to the popularity of cotton.


Why Would I Want To Use A Mesh Coil Over My Beloved Wotofo Fused Claptons?


Flavour quality. For many, it is far superior to that of traditional dual coil prebuilts.


Many manufacturers allow cross compatibility, giving you the chance to use either standard or mesh in the same tank.


Less power is needed to achieve the same warm vape you’re used to with traditional coil arrangements.


There’s much more of an even distribution across the mesh while heating. In turn, a more satisfying and smooth vape can be experienced.


A faster ramp up time. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t appreciate that?


Traditional coils always heat from the inner wrap to the outer. That’s why they inevitably burn out over time. This isn’t the case with mesh coils because the heat is evenly distributed across the mesh. They have been reported as lasting for months on end.


There Must Be Some Downsides To Using Mesh Coils, Though?


With an increased surface area, there’s more space for E Liquid to evaporate. There has to be the inevitable trade off. A 10 ml bottle isn’t going to last very long producing premium flavour quality and masses of cloud production.


It’s even more frustrating knowing in the UK that tank sizes are restricted to 2ml. Be prepared to refill that little tank frequently.


My Wotofo fused clapton coil gets hotter, faster than any mesh coil can. If, like me much warmer vapes are your thang then mesh won’t quite hit the spot in the same way.


It seems from personal experience that mesh coils can be very picky over the type of juice profiles they prefer. Something to keep in mind because flavour is subjective.


Closing Observations


I’ve found mesh to be heavily reliant on the cotton. The cotton has to be mirroring the same surface area in order to achieve a correct and even wicking. I’ve also discovered that if the cotton loses contact with the mesh instant hot spots are formed.


If this happens, flavour and cloud production diminish and there’s a chance of the cotton setting light due to areas of increased heat where no E liquid is present.


Innovation plays a key role here and tank set ups are now being designed to ensure that cotton is compressed against the mesh at all times.


There’s still a long way to go before I think mesh will truly rival my trusty Wotofo fused clapton coils. Some of the mesh I’ve encountered has been woefully lacking and can never hope to replicate what I experience from a dedicated tank running traditional coils.


..You pays your money and make your choice, I guess.

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