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June 12, 2020 3 min read

In part one of this blog we looked at how buying premade concentrates takes all the hard work out of mixing your own. 


We also found out some pros and cons not to mention the fact that I’m crap at creating E liquid profiles! Lol


In this part we’re going to look at how to actually use them.


A Word To The Uninitiated


While it may sound obvious to some of us it’s still important to mention.


Don’t try to vape a flavour concentrate undiluted. It’s not the most dangerous thing in the world to attempt but it’s gonna taste vile! On top of this your cotton and coils are going to last a day rather than weeks.


Always remember to add VG and PG first. Think of it as adding water to your favorite cordial.


How To Use A Flavour Concentrate


Having mentioned the importance of diluting the flavouring, it’s also a good idea to know what exactly is in your e liquid. What it’s comprised of. For this reason it’s best if you’ve been vaping for a short period and are aware.




You’ll need to get hold of a bottle of VG and a bottle of PG first. They can be purchased in sizes from 250ml up to 1Ltr and beyond. The general rule is to make sure you have more VG than PG.


Nicotine is readily available these days in 10ml 18mg bottles suspended in various VG and PG ratios. It is possible to buy nicotine in higher doses (72mg) but I don’t recommend mixing this way.


Whichever way you decide to go, you need to set the VG, PG and nicotine levels to your desired vaping style.


Tools Of The Trade


Syringes and scales are a good idea when calculating volume. Of course, you’re going to need the relevant size bottles to suit the ratio you are mixing to.


Calculating VG, PG and nicotine levels can actually be very easy. There are many on-line tools out there to help you. Try to measure everything as carefully as possible. It’s the reason why scales come in so handy. If you don’t have scales you’re going to have to be meticulous with the markings on the syringes.


After this it’s just a case of adding everything to the empty bottle. Give everything a good shake up and you’re generally good to go!


Yeah But How Much Concentrate Should I Be Adding?


When you’re buying a premade concentrate it’s best to use an 18 - 20% ratio. This may take a little trial and error but eventually you’ll discover the strength that you’re looking for.


Generally speaking, 5% is considered too low, 10% may still offer a muted flavour but 15 -20% should allow the flavour to pop nicely.


A Few Words From Personal Experience


Having written all the text book notes above I do things my own way. Thanks to premade concentrates it’s been quite a successful way (for a change!).


I just base my calculations from an empty 60ml bottle and think about the levels needed from there. Let’s face it, practically everyone is familiar with this bottle size. Of course, it still harks back to what was previously mentioned. There is the need for a degree of experience in vaping.


The vast majority of flavour concentrates are already suspended in PG so that needs to be taken into account when calculating VG and PG levels.


If an empty 60ml bottle is filled with 20% concentrate, I usually add a further 10% of PG, 60% of VG and an 18mg (10ml) bottle of nicotine. I’m generally left with my desired 70VG/30PG mix with the equivalent of 3mg nicotine.




Premade concentrates take all the hard work out of making your own e liquid.

By determining the VG and PG ratios there’s pretty little else to worry about other than the amount of nicotine you require.

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