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February 16, 2021 4 min read

Let's have a quick recap of the ECigClick Jungle Juice review.  

The Jungle Juice Lagoon e-liquid range is a new set of flavours from Komodo Vape. They are an offshoot from the EcigClick award winning Cider Farms range of vape juice

The family run UK based e-liquid company says this is not its first rodeo and as you can see they have a large stable of e-liquid ranges. 
The company is also behind: Celestial Vape, DRYP, Whipped Dipped and Creamed, Market Fruits, Tobacco Cuts and a German inspired brand called Das Kolektiv (The Collective) – definitely not their first rodeo! 

So a company with vast experience in producing top quality award winning e-liquids – all sounds good 

What Can We Expect From the Jungle Juice Lagoon E-Liquid’s? 

OK, a quick look at the flavour notes shows the Jungle Juice Lagoon range is beverage based. There’s four flavours at the moment, with more to follow and I shall be reviewing those at a later date. 

The vape juice is a 70/30% VG/PG mix and the short-fill bottles are filled with 100ml of e-liquid with a capacity of 120ml. 

As you can see that leaves 20ml to add a choice of nicotine shots from freebase nic and also nic salt and ice – nice touch should you wish to do so.
OK, the x4 flavours were sent to me direct from Komodo Vape for the purpose of this review – thank you – and as always my thoughts, opinions and taste buds aren’t swayed by freebies. 

For the vape juice review I used my go to dripper the Augvape BTFC RDA freshly wicked and cleaned every time on top of the Dovpo and Signature Tips Mono SQ DNA75c.
On with the review… 

I Say:
I thought I’d start with Komodo Vape’s bestseller to see why the fans absolutely love this one. 

The smell from the bottle is seriously fruity with a real whiff of sharp tangy zingy raspberries…promising! 

Inhaling this is bloody wondrous with a zap of tangy fruit with a real tarty twist. 
Just as it washes over your tongue you get the first hint of coolness and even without any of the nic shots, there’s a slight tickle on the tonsils. 

Yes I’m getting that blue slush feel and it becomes even more apparent on the exhale. 

In comes more of those almost too tart raspberries, before the sweetness takes the edge off and the cooling agent lifts it to another level.
Yup – very fruity – very refreshing and very moreish indeed. 

I Say: 

One sniff once the top of the bottle was whipped off and my mouth began watering! 

Oh my goodness – the smell alone had me hooked – that Sicilian Lemon cuts through the sweeter red berry giving off a fruity refreshing delight. 

My love affair with this vape juice continues on the inhale with the berry just managing to contain the sourness of the lemon. 

Just before you think its a too tart, with a lemony eye crunching effect, the berry steps up a gear and calms it all down. 

That exhale though – wow – the lemon and the red berry are a marriage made in vape juice heaven. 

Love love LOVE this one – my new all day vape for sure! 

I Say: 

Smash a fresh orange with hammer and smell it – that’s the aroma I’m getting from the bottle – nice! 

The inhale is nothing short of magic – you can almost feel those little bubbles of orange popping on you tongue. 

And just for good measure there’s a back note of sharp orange peel – wow, that’s some clever mixology! 

The exhale sweetens things up a little – almost too sweet for me, however the sharpy zinginess of those oranges just about saves the day. 

A really lovely single fruit based vape – ideal for a kick-start to your day! 

I Say: 

I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting gourmet cola so I’m going in blind with this one so to speak. 

The smell is a little disconcerting – yeah there’s a hint of cola, but also a back note of some kind of herb maybe? 

There’s a hint and I mean I very very tiny hint of aniseed too…maybe… 

The inhale is I’m sad to say far too sweet for my taste buds and there’s that odd kind of aniseed and herbal taste too… 

I’m guessing that’s where the ‘gourmet’ tag meets cola – I want to say Basil – but maybe not…what bloody herbal essence is it? 

The exhale is a little better with more of the cola coming through – sadly still a bit too sweet for me. 

I did notice the smell from the clouds lingered somewhat too and I had to really scrub my dripper to get rid of the aroma… 
Strong and potent stuff indeed! 

However if cola e-liquid is one of your go to vapes – give this a try for a very different twist on the gallons of cola flavours out there… 

Final Review Verdict

In a nutshell 3 of the 4 Jungle Juice Lagoon flavours by Komodo Vape are absolutely delicious and bang on my flavour profile. 

The Orange Lagoon is a fruity delight – the Red Lagoon is one of the best e-liquids I’ve had the pleasure to review whilst the Blue Lagoon turns a regular blue raspberry slush flavour into a very tasty classy vape. 

As for the Black Lagoon…I’m still a little unsure about this one…BTW the smell from the bottle and clouds is still wafting around my room – 3 days later! 

Like I said potent stuff…and what is that herb? Aaargh!!! 

OK, the packaging is very nicely done too and just falls short of being too ‘cartoony‘ – just 😉 

And the bottles contain 100ml of vape juice, but have a capacity of 120ml – plenty of room for any of the three nic shots should you wish to add them. 
The choice of either regular Nicotine – Nic Salt and Ice Shots is great and given you have 100mls to play with, you can create your perfect e-liquid mix. 

To put it simply, the Jungle Juice Lagoon quartet I’ve tasted are on the whole – ignoring that cola lol – bloody delicious and perfect for an all day vape… 

Highly recommended – good value and well worth taking the plunge 😉

- Creator - ECigClick -

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