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June 12, 2020 4 min read

The Tonight Show ITV - How Safe Is Your Vape?


Did you watch it?


From a vapers perspective the majority of it was laughable at best, downright frustrating at worst and somewhere in between a few nuggets of truth were thrown in.


In general, it made for thirty minutes of utter contempt for the vaping industry and had the potential to prevent individuals from turning to vaping as a healthier alternative.


I found that quite worrying, if I’m honest.


The opening contained four segments of what to expect from the programme. Each of them foreshadowing the negative and highly scathing theme of what was to follow. Conveniently, those rare moments of clarity were overlooked.


Sure, we got to hear early doors how the vaping industry in the UK at least, is booming.


This was swiftly counteracted with another unhealthy dollop of scaremongering!


As vapers, we should be used to it, sadly.


The basics of vaping are summarised before host, Jonathan Maitland sits and casually chats with vapers and asks among other things “what’s so great about vaping?”.


He sets the negative and doubtful vibe very early and it's very much in evidence throughout the programme, conveyed by his sarcastic tone and blatant ignorance.


Biased it appears, this is clearly the worst kind of host we could have hoped for.


Despite the positive impacts on health mentioned, Maitland focuses his concentration on flavours with one clear intent. The attraction and appeal to minors.


At one point he borders on bully boy tactics by pushing an interviewee into a corner, almost forcing him into making it clear that there was a significant chance of them returning to smoking should flavours be banned.


Maitland then goes on to assume that nicotine is the underlying reason for addiction to vaping. There's no chit chat here at least, about how harmless nicotine actually is to our health.


We are offered a small ray of light in the form of Deborah Arnott (Action on Smoking) but that really comes as little surprise given her general stance. Still, there’s a slight pause in the barrage of negativity and scaremongering. Arnott does appear to exude a very level headed approach.


It doesn’t take long for the mention of the usual scapegoat, children, and the rise of those experimenting with vaping.


Heaven forbid we forget the attractive qualities of fruit and drink flavoured e liquid among minors. It’s been one of the biggest battering rams used by anti vapers from the start. Think of the children? Forget Parents and upbringing. We already know from court discussions in the US, they bare no significance.


So it’s ironic that the main bulk of the programme focuses around someone who was smoking from the age of thirteen. The illegalities are completely shunned. No surprise there, then.


This budding Boxer wanted to improve his health and with aspirations of being a better sportsman turned to vaping.  After five months he became unwell and spent six days on a life support machine.


Five months? Begs the question what else was he turning to?


Whatever I may think, apparently vaping ruined his life. End of story. The case is closed on this part of the programme without any further comment. That’s convenient.


We then discover how easy it is for someone underage to gain access to e liquid.


I may be writing controversially here, but genuinely believe that this is an area that still needs to be tightened up on. I’ve witnessed underage sales myself.


Meanwhile, Professor Stanton Glantz of the University of California has been investigating the risks of vaping but seemed to have made up his mind many moons ago.


According to him it’s wrong to promote vaping as significantly safer than smoking. It’s a mystery why the UK defends a statement that’s ten years out of date.


How is it out of date? A ten year study by the Royal College of Physicians pretty much sets things in stone! Rigorous testing, analysis, scientific data. Obviously means nothing.


We get treated to another story of a death, allegedly associated with vaping but nothing is actually proved in this segment other than the incessant pull on the heart strings that only those in the US can muster. Cold hearted me for not caring without all the facts.


Later on in the programme, UK MP Mark Pawsey does a sterling job at defending the findings of Public Health England who optimistically stated "Have some of the strongest regulation in the world".


We only have to look overseas to know it's a more than valid statement.


All this despite Maitland comparing the youth vaping epidemic with that of the "Wild West"


A rare moment that I felt Maitland was put on the back foot!


The programme comes to an end and rubs further salt in the wounds by suggesting that rocket fuel is contained in e liquid. If that's not clutching at straws I don't know what is!


Particle analysis during laboratory testing so far, remains inconclusive. So here's a thought.. Leave PHE to continue their studies before attempting to substantiate such wild, silly claims.


As a committed vaper this was without doubt the finale. The part to stand up and clap! (my turn at sarcasm, Mr Maitland). I just cringed at the thought of an encore..


So well done, The Tonight Show


On a magnificent job of stabbing at the healing heart of all vapers.


We really can’t thank you enough for throwing all the known and proven data over your shoulder in favour of spitting out a meaningless pile of lies and inaccuracies.


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