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June 12, 2020 3 min read

Have you ever watched or read an E liquid review and wondered why your set up isn’t quite giving you all the nuances being described?

Of course, flavour (and cloudage) is heavily reliant on the choice of tank, such as the Aspire Odan Tank or rebuildables like the Dovpo Blotto RTA X.That's without factoring in coil material, size and number of wraps.

The choice of juice itself can make a difference. It’s a well known fact in vaping circles that the sweeter the juice the more chance of “gunking” up those coils - leading to a reduction in flavour as well as coil lifespan.

For many new vapers, a big worry is burning the coil. Without adequate knowledge there’s a sure fire bet it’s going to happen.


Today, I’m going to describe the signs of a potential coil in turmoil.


When The E liquid takes on a different taste.


One of the first possible causes may not be linked to the coil. Vapers tongue is very common among those that insist on using the same flavour, constantly.


E liquid that has expired will also taste weird, especially if it contains nicotine.


Generally speaking however, it is the coil at fault.


Your favorite profile may take on a different taste if too many flavours have been poured into the tank. This is known as “masking” where everything becomes somewhat muted and odd tasting.


If too much sweetener is used a residue will build up on the coil creating uneven and inadequate heating. Again this will cause a muted flavour.


Visible black deposits on the coil


A surefire way of knowing your coil is not working to full efficiency. With a stock, premade coil it’s easy enough to shine a torch down within to spot the signs of “gunking”. You may even find dark patches on areas of cotton where visible.


These signs are much easier to spot with rebuildable tanks.


When did you last change your coil?


Coils don’t last forever. That’s especially true with premade stock ones that plug or screw in.


The best ones are going to last you up to three weeks. After this amount of time you’re going to notice signs of degradation. Bite the bullet and replace with a new one..


Cloudage has diminished


A coil that has reached the end of its lifespan will have burnt out producing next to no vapour output.


The problem here is that everyone has a different expectation of cloud production from their coil so the symptoms become a little subjective.


It’s safe to say that low powered MTL coils will last longer than 60-80W ones simply because they are not designed to chuck clouds.


It’s really a case of knowing your own habits and sticking with them in order to have some idea of when to replace a cream crackered coil.


It’s gurgling like a baby!


It’s not unusual to experience a light popping noise or crackling and hissing while vaping. If it sounds like your e liquid wants to start blowing bubbles you’ve got a problem!


Over time, the wicking material (cotton for example), will lose its ability to absorb the e liquid. When this happens an old coil especially, becomes flooded with more juice than it can handle. The e liquid is unable to vaporise efficiently and gurgles on the surface of the coil.


How do you like your coils? Burnt?


This is a symptom dreaded the most by a new vaper. The first time this happens we tend to remember where we were, what we were doing. Yup! Dry burns really are that bad!


It’s not the best analogy in the world but imagine lighting the wrong end of a cigarette.


When cotton becomes clogged up to such an extent that it loses the ability to absorb new liquid, the areas around the coil become suffocated. They dry up and Oooosh! The taste of burnt cotton. Not nice. Very Un nice!




As much as it’s a tired cliche, nothing lasts forever.


Make observations. Inspect your coils as regularly as you can.


Stick to known vaping habits.


Find alternatives to those sweeter profiles. Thinner VG/PG ratios are also kinder to your coil in turn increasing the life expectancy.

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