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June 12, 2020 3 min read

Mechanical mods can range in price. Yes, you can pick up a clone here and there but generally speaking an authentic device can come at a hefty price. 


It’s true that without faulty circuit boards, broken screens or damaged battery doors a mechanical mod can last a very long time.


And if you’ve paid a handsome price isn’t it worth a little TLC from time to time?


Today we will look at ways of maintaining your most prized possession.




Sounds obvious, right?


Always make sure to immediately wipe your mech should it become covered in E juice.


Pay particular attention to the threads on your switch and hybrid cap.


In fact be sure to clean anywhere that parts are threaded together and where current passes through.


A layer of oxidation can be formed on contacts that ultimately prevent the battery from delivering maximum conductivity.


If your expensive tube mech seems to be losing “oomph” now’s the time to check for signs of oxidation.



FACT! Dirty threads and connections ultimately lead to voltage drop and a much less efficient vape. There’s also the chance of the mech misfiring.


Don’t use abrasive products such as wire wool on the threads of a mech. That’s likely to damage them. Instead use a toothbrush. Combined with a little soapy water it does wonders for maintaining threads effectively.


They also work wonders for dental hygiene. Just don’t use the same toothbrush for both jobs!!


Tube Material


This comes in a few different forms.


Brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminium. They can come in different finishes too.


Where tube mechs are finished with a nickel plating, a simple wipe over is enough to remove those fingerprints. Alcohol based wipes are a good choice.


Over time, copper will react naturally and become patinated developing darker areas on the surface which actually “age” the device in a very cool way. It’s caused by the air and even natural forming oils on the skin of your hands.


But just because it looks cool, there’s still no reason not to clean it. The use of Brasso is very good at bringing a high shine to copper.


Be warned!  Patience is required. It can be a laborious process!


Arcing Marks


The contact switch on a mech mod will very often show marks.


It’s caused by electrical current jumping from the battery contact when you press the switch just before contact is made.


The lower the coil resistance, the higher the chances of having arcing marks.


Again, a firm wipe of this contact is all that’s necessary but do bear in mind that some of these contacts include silver plating that can wear off under more rigorous cleaning duties.


Re assembling Parts


After deep cleaning you’ll obviously need to re assemble those parts.


Never over tighten the threads when doing so. It’s all too easy to strip them when doing so.


Remember that copper threads are going to be very soft by their inherent nature.


Some parts can be quite difficult to purchase if damaged and some manufacturers may not even sell them!


..Another reason to motivate you!




Clean your mech mod at least once a week.


As always, the biggest motivation should come from the knowledge that you’re not only increasing the lifespan of your mech and maintaining a beautiful looking device but ensuring your own safety.


.. Let’s keep that at the top of our list, eh?

3 Responses


October 01, 2020

Good read

A clean mech mod is a good mech mod💥


October 01, 2020

Mech cleaning is so important,The tiniest pieces of dirt etc can cause big problems


October 01, 2020

Fab read!!! Its so important to look after a mech mod

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