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June 12, 2020 4 min read

WARNING! This blog begins with someone who can only be described as being something of a masochist! 

George Simon Ohm

George Simon Ohm was born in Germany, 1789 and went on to become a Physicist and Mathematician. One of his studies involved testing electrical currents across a given path.

..Using himself as a resistor in the process.

The higher the level of pain, the higher the level of electrical current passing through him to the other end of the path. If that’s not a masochist, I don’t know who is!

Despite these tests he went on to live and create what we now know as Ohm's Law.

This is the relationship between Voltage (energy), Ampage (or current) and Resistance (Ohms).

Why Is Ohms Law So Important To Vaping?

In our last blog we looked briefly at mechanical tube mods and how they rely directly on a battery to power them. The battery terminals of a mech mod are in direct contact with the atomiser coil and without safety circuitry or vital screen information there’s really no way of knowing if the battery is operating within its safe parameters.

Enter Ohms Law.

Voltage (Energy)

Try to think of voltage as the amount of energy or power used between two points. It’s very much like a propeller that drives the current between those two points.

A typical 18650 battery can be charged to 4.2V. The power or energy provided by a fully charged battery is much more than that of a depleting 3.7V.

Invented by Italian Physicist Alessandro Volta. Responsible for the first chemical battery.

Ampage (Current)

The more energy used by voltage the faster the current. Every battery you use to vape contains positive and negative electrons. (Negative and positive terminals). The negative electrons repel against themselves, leave the battery and enter the circuit or closed loop.

Without getting too boring, Amps are measured by the number of these electrons passing through a given point at any one time. As a basic example, there may be 1,000 electrons passing through this point to provide one Amp. 2,000 electrons? You guessed it! 2 Amps.

Invented by French Physicist Andre-Marie Ampere.

Resistance (Ohms)

The easiest way to understand resistance from a vaping perspective is to look at our very own coils. They are the point in the circuit where resistance is at its highest.

Up until this point those electrons are traveling along their merry way, but when they reach the coil there’s a moment of madness!

The negative electrons cause friction against themselves under the continuous strain of both voltage and current, causing them to heat the coil before escaping and passing into the positive terminal of the battery where they deplete.

..It’s a bit like a traffic jam. Road rage for electrons!

You could also liken resistance to the bore of a water pipe. The smaller the bore the more resistance applied to the water passing through it.

..but that poor old electron, eh? Pretty short lifespan. Thank heaven for rechargeable batteries.

How Does Ohms Law Work?

As stated, our George was also into his mathematics. I know! You’re probably like me and failed miserably at school too but he was able to find a direct correlation between voltage, current and resistance.

He discovered that voltage divided by resistance gave the number of amps

That voltage divided by amps gave the resistance

Finally amps TIMES the resistance gave the Voltage

This mathematical equation is actually much simpler than it sounds when shown in the infamous Triangular schematic.

How Does This Help A Vaper?

In many cases it doesn’t really.

The majority of vaping devices have inbuilt circuit protection and displays showing real time (usually accurate) electrical circuit readouts. The calculations have already been done. The safety features are already in place 

This isn’t the case with Mechanical mods as we’ve seen.

By knowing the battery voltage and knowing the coil resistance we can, by using Ohms law and a simple calculation, figure out how many amps the battery is drawing.

Overloading the amps of a battery is what caused our friend in the previous blog to end up with facial scars.

Let’s conclude our blog with an example. Over to Georgie boy!

We have a fully charged 4.2V battery. Our coil resistance reads at 0.3Ohms

Voltage (4.2V) divided by resistance (0.3ohm) gives us 14 amps.

Since our mechanical mod is unable to show us this vital information, a very simple calculation has provided us with the answer. Happy, safe vaping ensues.


What it all comes down to is battery safety. As vapers we all need to be aware of the devastating consequences when they're pushed beyond their limits. Not only can they leave you disfigured, it also becomes another nail in the coffin for the rest of us.

So be a “livewire” and responsible with those external batteries.

George was quite literally a livewire!

As much as I would probably like to, wouldn't wanna shake his hand! 

3 Responses


October 01, 2020

Good read and very informative,Ohms law and battery safety is paramount for a mech user


October 01, 2020

Good read

I love my mech mods and won’t trade them for anything


October 01, 2020

Great read I understand ohms law far better now than I did

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