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June 12, 2020 5 min read

We saw in Part 1 of this blog how Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping is ideally suited to the new vaper and its role in helping to make the transition from smoking.


So what happens when that vaper goes in search of the ultimate flavour experience. What happens if their starter kit no longer provides enough satisfaction. How can we convince them to not go back to smoking? I know from personal experience this does happen.


The answer lies with an alternate vaping style known as Direct To Lung (DTL)


It’s where we find the “conversion” vaper.


Direct To Lung Vaping


This involves the act of inhaling vapour directly into the lungs, unsurprisingly enough! It’s common practice among experienced vapers but completely alien to the MTL user.


Let’s think about breathing. We take air directly into our lungs without a single thought. Likewise it’s a pivotal reason why this method of vaping becomes second nature over a very short period of time.


Instead of sucking or puffing on the drip tip, the tank is used as a breathing apparatus. Very much in the way a nebuliser is employed. As soon as the vapour hits the lungs it’s exhaled. It is in fact the same as breathing.


That’s all well and good but if you’re anything like me, the very first DTL was achieved using someones mech mod and was a complete shock to the lungs, sending me into a coughing fit from hell! Lol


Over a short period of time I became accustomed to the style and found by inhaling anything up to six seconds would not only provide an incredibly satisfying throat hit but thick, billowy white clouds during the exhale. An added treat!


DTL Equipment


We go to the other end of the power spectrum when dealing with this style of vaping.


Although it’s still possible to achieve a DTL with an internally fitted battery the best advice is to pick up a dedicated box mod such as the Squid Industries Double Barrel V3. Box mods use either a single or dual externally charged battery to optimise the power levels required.


A single externally charged battery can cope with a wattage output of anything up to 80W and it can feasibly be doubled with a dual battery mod. (Opinions may differ over mine but experience and an understanding of Ohms law have kept me safe. Always better to be safe than sorry!)


Another noticeable difference is that of the mouth piece. DTL vaping almost always relies on 810 drip tips to increase airflow output. It also acts as a way of preventing the mouthpiece from overheating under increased power consumption.


Whereas MTL coils have resistances of above 1.0 ohm, these ones work below that figure. That's why they're referred to as “sub ohm” coils. It’s one of the reasons why a knowledge of Ohms Law is so important because the resistance load placed on the battery needs to be carefully understood and acknowledged. With great power comes great responsibility. Ask Spidey!


Increased airflow from the sub ohm tank can be found either along the top, side or bottom but ultimately in line with the position of the coil itself to help cooling under higher temperatures. Flavour production is optimised when airflow allignment is set correctly.


By utilising adjustable airflow the vape style can be fully open, semi restrictive or very restrictive to the point of being able to MTL in some cases. I favour a semi to very restrictive vape because it attenuates the flavour profiles and is a constant nod to the early MTL devices I began my journey with.


A part of me still enjoys that smoking style, dare I write! Lol


Types Of E Liquid


Higher VG levels found in E liquid are no problem for a DTL set up. These coils are much more ferocious and easily burn the thicker content. In fact it’s the VG that’s responsible for all the “cloud chucking” associated with this vaping style.


Check out this quick guide.


  • 60VG/40PG Very good flavour, slight throat hit and average cloud production
  • 70VG/30PG The most rounded ratio for good flavour and cloud production. A smooth throat hit provided
  • 80VG/20PG It’s become quite popular for flavour but more so for cloud chuckers
  • 90VG/10PG Hard to find many brands but they do exist for those that are interested in entering cloud chucking comps. Flavour is compromised.


I personally prefer 70VG/30PG ratios because they provide better flavour while still throwing some nice thick clouds. It adds a fullness to the throat hit too.


Nicotine Levels


Nicotine is heated much more rapidly when using sub ohm tanks and coils. This is why the throat hit is intolerable at levels above 6MG. The best throat hit is attainable around 3MG in my experience and perfectly balanced. Remember also that too much nicotine over too short a period is going to cause side effects.


Financial Factors


Absolutely everything becomes amplified when switching to DTL vaping, including the impact on your wallet.


It’s much easier to vape sugar intense E Liquid while sub ohm vaping and heavy VG ratios will take their toll on your coils not to mention the cotton. Although specific ingredients have now been taken off the market thanks to regulation, those prebuilt coils can still take a hammering. It’s not uncommon for the life of some coils to be merely days as opposed to weeks.


The majority of the time external rechargeable batteries are required on the mods.


Vaping at higher power levels means that some sub ohm tanks quite literally drink E Liquid!


I can get through a 10ml bottle of juice in an afternoon when DTL vaping.




The airflow structure on an MTL device is usually fixed so that the user doesn’t have to worry about settings. It’s another reason why new vapers continue to vape.


It’s important to be aware that not all sub ohm DTL tanks are created equally. Very often there are design flaws that have been overlooked by the manufacturer. I know, hard to believe but true!


If the adjustable airflow ports on your device are very small, the above chart becomes more relevant. You’re not going to be able to run thicker juice through tiny airflow slots without encountering problems such as tank glass overheating and potential dry hits. In this instance, a 60VG/40PG ratio would be more suitable.


With larger airflow ports, anything goes! and by carefully dialling in there’s the possibility of finding your “sweet spot” between flavour and cloud production.


So although the title of these last two blogs features the word Versus, it’s really all about preference as opposed to which style is right or wrong. There is no wrong when it comes to making a safer and overall healthier change of lifestyle.


It’s no secret that MTL vaping works out cheaper, financially.


Let’s stop to think of how much we were spending on heavily taxed cigarettes when considering the DTL approach.


..and what price do you put on vaping as a much healthier alternative?


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