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June 24, 2020 2 min read

Well, where do I start? We can thank the TPD for the faf of nic shots. I much preferred the days when the nicotine was already mixed into my 120ml juice bottle. However, here we are, and needs must to get that all important nicotine fix.
Nicotine shots come in small 10ml bottles in 18mg strength with varying ratios of VG and PG. For all of our E Liquids we recommend 100%VG 18mg 10ml Nic shots. All of our nic shots are made from pharma grade ingredients. 100% VG nic shots will take away the pepper taste of the nicotine which can often un balance the flavours within a 0% E Liquid
If you add 1 x 10ml 18mg nic shot to a 50ml bottle of E Liquid, you will get 60ml of E liquid at 3mg nicotine strength. E liquid manufacturers have created shortfill bottles which leaves us, as customers, the space to add our nicotine.
If you add 2 x 10ml 18mg nic shots to a 100ml shortfill bottle of E Liquid you will get 120ml of E liquid at 3mg nicotine strength.
To add your nic, you need to remove the cap. I remember the time I used to use a blunt butter knife to try and prize that damn cap off, most of the time resulting in the E liquid spilling all over the kitchen work tops which was heartbreaking. Then vape shops thought about what vapers needed and produced a handy little bottle opening tool! The light at the end of my tunnel.
There are a couple options available for nicotine shots; freebase nic shots and nic salt shots. Please read the next blog to find out more on nic salt shots

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