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June 12, 2020 2 min read

Guest blog written by: Del, founder of Cloudbusters UK Facebook group.

So, Here’s a topic I thought I would bring up as it’s something that really does interest me across the whole of the vape scene. When is or is there a right time to switch from your desired nicotine strength to Zero nicotine? Or more to the point, Is it something you as an individual would like to do?
Myself personally I have been vaping for nearly 4 years after being a heavy smoker for thirty years and my own goal is to eventually be a zero nicotine Vaper but I would still like to vape as it’s something I really do enjoy, I currently use between 1.8mg and 3mg and I’m thinking I may be ready now to take “The big switch”


The main thing that I’m sure will worry people will be,”Am I ready?” To be honest,only YOU can answer this question,the main thing is not to take the big switch too soon then finding yourself feeling that your not getting the same satisfaction that you are use to getting that’s doing such an amazing job keeping you of the smelly cigarettes,You have to make sure you are ready,If you think you are and you’re not getting the same as you were before? Don’t panic, just go back until you are ready again, perhaps gradually cut down in strength slowly switching to zero may affect your whole vape experience for example, less of a throat hit or maybe a slight change of you favourite flavour but you will adjust to this in no time.


There’s no time limit telling you that you have to stop vaping nicotine,I’m quite happy vaping at the level I vape at for now but one day just one day,I may be ready to make THE BIG SWITCH 😊

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