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June 12, 2020 3 min read

The Coronavirus (Covid - 19) is believed to have been started in a “wet” market in Wuhan, China after selling both dead and live animal stock including fish and birds. 


It’s an unhealthy scenario from the word go!


When you consider that hygiene levels would be incredibly hard to sustain in the presence of both live and butchered stock.


The general consensus is that the virus was able to spread via the presence of bats in contact with the stock in and around the market. In fact scientists studying its genetic code have been able to make that link.


Covid - 19 is one of seven strains of the virus that is Zoonotic, meaning that it has the ability to spread via animal or human. Because Coronavirus has never previously been identified in humans before it caused the virtual lockdown of China itself.


The common signs of infestation range from respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and general breathing difficulties. In the most severe cases, Coronavirus can lead to pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.


Of course, preventative measures can be taken. Washing hands regularly, covering mouth and nose when sneezing, the thorough cooking of meat and eggs. Avoiding close contact with a carrier. Public Health England refers to close contact as being within two metres of a carrier for anything up to fifteen minutes.


How Does Coronavirus Affect Vaping?


The Chinese government has announced that it is holding millions of people in quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading. This obviously has a detrimental effect on their economy.


China is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. The concerns over exporting products under the current conditions are going to be very real so how will this impact on the vaping industry in general?


The impact is astronomical because over 90% of our vaping products stem from China and Shenzhen in specific. People are naturally asking the question.


Can the virus spread via product contamination?


In all honesty that seems highly unlikely. Although Coronavirus can survive for anything up to nine days lingering on surfaces, without a host it must have perfect conditions in order to do so, such as optimal and specific temperatures. The process of transit itself will clearly negate these conditions in the first place.


Moreover, the virus can be deactivated in less than a minute with thorough hand washing. It would also be advisable to clean any equipment you may have just purchased. Chances are, you do that anyway!


We know that many factories have been forced to shut down. Roadblocks and quarantine have cut production further. It’s looking likely that production may not return to normal until late April.


Therefore retailers and distributors are currently feeling the heat. There’s no question that stock availability is being affected.


The best advice I can offer is to avoid burying your head in the sand.


Stock up on products right now! Although not quite as important in the case of E liquid, accessories such as pods, coils and batteries need to be considered over the next few months.

In closing, look after yourself. Maybe a bit more diligence in the company of others displaying flu-like characteristics. Wash your hands more often to protect against potentially contaminated surfaces and continue to cook your food products thoroughly.


Fingers crossed. Hopefully in a few months time this post will be like yesterday's newspaper.


..Although trying to eat chips from a digital blog might prove difficult!


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