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June 12, 2020 3 min read

..Still feel like you want to end it all? The negative side effects of vaping got you down?


I’m here to lift your heart. In fact the word heart is actually very apt to this blog. You’ll see why.


If you’ve been vaping for a while now you’ll know doubt have picked up on how awful tobacco smells. There’s simply no comparison between a candy floss vape aroma and someone that smells like they’ve been standing around a bonfire for an eternity!


It’s because there’s no combustion created while vaping. More importantly, it’s why you’ll now have better skin health, oral hygiene, circulation, lung capacity. Things also smell and taste much better.


In the UK, The Royal College Of Physicians have stated for some time now that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. In very recent times it’s been more suitable to state 95% healthier as we continue to gather further effective and positive data. The results don’t appear overnight but let’s take a gander at what we already know for sure.


Circulation And Heart Disease


It’s never been a secret that smoking wreaks havoc on the entire cardiovascular system. In turn creating high blood pressure as plaque builds up on the internal walls of major arteries, Including the main coronary arteries of the heart. When a blockage occurs, you’re gonna know about it!


Despite the presence of nicotine in vaping e liquid, blood pressure can be drastically reduced over a relatively short period of time. In turn this can also dramatically reduce the risk of heart failure or stroke.


Nicotine Levels


You’re never really given the option of reducing nicotine levels in cigarettes. Vaping allows you the choice of gradually reducing these levels. I personally know people that have reduced their nicotine content to zero.


Lung Function


I’m gonna get real here. If you’ve been smoking for 25 years (like me), a certain amount of damage is irreparable. Lung function and capacity can still be greatly improved when switching from cigarettes to vaping. During a survey it was discovered that 76% of the participants (19,000 in total) reported improved lung capacity.


Risk Of Second Hand Smoke


If your partner has never smoked, they’re going to love you even more when they’re no longer inhaling those deadly chemicals from second hand smoke.


..There used to be a saying. “Kiss a non smoker. Taste the difference”.


Weight A Minute!


Very often an ex smoker will turn to food as a means of satisfying their cravings. Tobacco is a food suppressant and that’s often why these cancer stick puffers keep their weight down. Nicotine withdrawal can also cause the same effect. Since nicotine is available in e liquid, weight gain is rarely an issue.


To Summarise


The benefits of switching to vaping from smoking don’t occur overnight and there’s still a fair degree of will power required from the individual attempting to do so.


Therefore it’s equally as important to know all the side effects and possibly more so the negative ones. Remember! I was a few days away from returning to the dreaded C sticks myself.


I hope the last two blogs have been of help. Most importantly of all, I sincerely hope you’ve decided to stick with vaping.


It’s clinically proven to be 95% healthier than smoking..

2 Responses


October 01, 2020

The info got it down to the point so much positive about vaping and the health side thankyou komodo vape


October 01, 2020

Totally agree after 30 years of smoking 40 a day my chest is probably knackered anyway but it’s four years this year as a Vaper for me and I can breathe a lot better than when I was a smoker,It’s a no win for me vaping saved my life

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