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June 12, 2020 3 min read

There’s very little doubt that 2019 has been a very tough year for the vaping community.


One of the underlying reasons for this has been due to the explosion in popularity of pod based systems such as the Smok RPM 40 Pod Kit. They arrived hot on the heels of the pocket friendly Juul and in many ways stunted the growth and innovation of intermediate to advanced kits such as the Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk device.


Pods were taking over.


Indeed, 2019 was almost always about those easy to use devices, tailor made for the virgin vaper. In many ways that’s a good thing. If folk are turning to vaping and ditching the deadly cigs none of us would argue their importance.


Yet it still feels like every manufacturer was rushing to come out with something bigger and better and before long the basic design of pods had evolved into what we know as All In One products such as the Aspire Mulus Kit.


And again, it felt that the intermediate to advanced vaper had been left behind. Products such as the Dovpo Blotto RTA felt like a token gesture if sub ohm vaping was your bag.


2019 has shown to be the year of complete ignorance affecting all those in and around the vaping community.


While other countries have tackled vaping with an iron fist and made concrete decisions to ban vaping for right or wrong, it’s the United States who have dilly dallied around for what seems like an eternity and it’s been frustrating to observe.


They never regulated vape products when there was clearly a need to do so.


Consequently Vitamin E acetate and THC found its way into their Eliquid and distributed in those pod based systems I keep banging on about. It was a gateway for the youth to get their hands on illicit vaping products.


Some of us knew it was only a matter of time. We saw the early warning signs way back from those that insisted on vaping at 300W plus to win cloud chucking competitions. The envelope was being pushed way back then.


We bowed our heads in shame at the abuse external batteries such as the Samsung 30Q were subjected to. In June this year, a device exploded in a teens mouth (yup, in the US) and vaping hit the news again. For all the wrong reasons.


I too have been in the centre of a court case relating to the misuse of batteries. It’s almost as painful to hear how oblivious people are to battery safety as it is to learn of the resulting injuries themselves!


To compound matters the US have decided to concoct a name or abbreviation for their current “vaping epidemic”. EVALI is now a thing, apparently. E-cigarette and Vape Associated Lung Injury!


Their only rebuttal is to ban flavoured E- Liquid. Or maybe not, as currently appears.




The freedom to choose different flavour profiles such as Cider Farms Dark Forest Fruit as an example are key factors in keeping individuals away from the smellies!


It’s very clear then, that pods and especially closed pod systems have been exploited on the black market in the States and without very basic regulation. It’s caused the current death toll.


From a personal standpoint THC was always going to find it way into E-Liquid all the time CBD was allowed to. From that moment on it certainly felt to me at least, like a free for all!


In 2020 I really, really hope that some kind of global regulation can be established. Yes, it may mean further regulation (Our own TPD2 is coming up) and expense for manufacturers.


I’m more than happy to spend extra on E-liquid when I know it’s been tried and thoroughly tested.


Aren’t you?

4 Responses


October 01, 2020

love my pods so this was a fab read ❤


October 01, 2020

Great read!!!

Those pods just keep getting better and better


October 01, 2020

Never tried pods been vaping 2 years and seen a massive change the info is spot on for thoughs who want to stop but just that extra guidence


October 01, 2020

I like my pods on all fairness they are light and easier to carry than a dual 18650 Mod,Some of mine produce more vapour than some sub ohm tanks I own

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