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June 12, 2020 3 min read

 I’ve dabbled. 


I reached a stage in my vape journey a good few years back. I was experiencing some really great profiles and they weren’t all confined to popular manufacturers, either.


Despite being much cheaper than smoking, sub ohm vaping meant that my E liquid was lasting less and less.


I began wondering how these fantastic flavours were made and if there was a slight chance I may be able to reproduce them.


I was wrong. Horrifically wrong! Lol


Having bought various concentrates from the likes of The Flavour Apprentice, Flavorah and Capella to name a few, I’ve never been able to get flavour balance right.


It’s not just a case of rounding up concentrate levels to suit the final product you’re hoping to achieve. There’s lots more to it than that, I can assure you!


By then I had also splashed out on essentials such as weighing devices, syringes, spare bottles not to mention wasting countless amounts on flavourings that became totally redundant.


Enter the vaping Knight in shining armour to save the day!


Premade concentrates.


The hard work had already been done. Even leading manufacturers were jumping on the bandwagon by then offering a much cheaper way of experiencing their creations.


Let’s concentrate more on these concentrates, then.


So What Exactly Are they?


With flavour concentrates you are basically given the profile ready to vape.


The individual percentages for each ingredient have already been set out.


The VG/PG is left for you to include alongside whatever nicotine level you crave.


It gets even better if you’re as lazy as me because these concentrates don’t fall under the umbrella of the current TPD regulations.


There’s no nicotine included. This means it’s possible to mix large batches at a time: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml and even 200ml.


What are the Pro’s?

  • You’re able to replicate your all day vape profile
  • Consistent mixes, every time
  • Easy to create
  • Much cheaper than purchasing in smaller 10ml bottles


Yeah, but there have to be a few cons too?

  • It’s the lazy way (I’m putting my hand up!) of mixing. Creativity goes out the window
  • You still have to get your VG and PG ratios correct
  • So you’ll need to purchase mixing material. Empty bottles and of course the PG, VG and nicotine.


A Design. For Life


Premade concentrates are used from flavourings designed by manufacturers for the vaper.


Many of the independent concentrates used by home mixers are derived from food flavouring that hasn’t really got the average vaper in mind. There tends to be a massive difference between food grade ingredients and vape grade ingredients.


In fact it’s a two tier system when dealing with vaping grade concentrates.


..Are you still concentrating?


  • Screening


It is absolutely vital that none of the ingredients contain carcinogens. In other words, anything that may be harmful or cause an allergic reaction.


  • Toxic Levels


Thankfully this goes way beyond current regulatory requirements. No doubt one of the many reasons why the UK is able to hold its head up when it comes to health and safety measures!


Toxicologists will then carry out further testing on remaining ingredients to eradicate any undue chemicals present. The test forms part of the inhalation process required, specifically the potential effects on the lungs.


In part two we will look at how much easier it is to replicate your favorite profile using premade concentrates.

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