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June 12, 2020 4 min read

Ever squonked?


I can remember the first time my local vape shop messaged me about squonking. Initially I thought they were finally losing the plot! 


I mean. What a choice of word, eh? Mind you, in this day and age and as much as I follow trends it could even refer to a new dance fad. I always thought to floss was to be extra cautious over dental hygiene!


I’m not the biggest fan personally. I’m of the opinion that it was created for the lazy dripper. The kind of person that loves the flavour RDAs such as the Wotofo Profile offer without the hassle of having to constantly paint their cotton.


Call me boring (“you’re boring”) but there’s an art form to dripping as well as deck building that I will always gain a sense of achievement from… It’s a personal thing, for sure.




A History Of Squonking


Did you know that squonking has been around for ten years? That doesn’t seem feasible does it? It was initially created by a member of a vaping forum and was given the name “JuiceBox”.


For the uninitiated, squonking is the act of squeezing liquid contained in a bottle up into the deck of an RDA. These bottles can hold anything from 10ml and up of juice and takes away the need to drip from above. Essentially squonking devices are bottom fed.


Because the juice bottle is already attached to the mod there’s also no need to carry around loose bottles in pockets. Again, something that’s never bothered me but as always it’s horses for courses.


Anyway, going back to our little history lesson.


The creator wasn’t able to replicate the first design but it paved the way for the first commercial squonk mod in the form of the “REO”.


The popularity continued among virgin vapers due to the single battery design restrictions placed upon them. There was no need to faff about with multi cell mods with temperature control or wattage increments.


After a lull in production for a few years it was Kanger who, in early 2016 came up with the Dripbox and re established squonking as a viable vaping medium.


For the very first time it was possible to purchase disposable coil decks to go with their RDA.


No building was necessary on the part of the user because it was available in ready made form.


..Didn’t I just say squonkers were lazy vapers? Lol


Following on from the success of the Dripbox, Kanger released a dual battery version but by then many other leading manufacturers had got wind of the financial viability of squonking devices. Kangers Dripbox 160 was lost in the melee.


The Modern Day Squonker


Fast forward to 2019 and squonking devices are still in mass production with the likes of Vandy Vape, Lost Vape and Dovpo all fighting for the hard earned cash in your wallet.


Now the battle is firmly placed on build design since single 18650 battery squonkers are no longer as favorable as dual battery devices. Ease of use remains a key selling point as well as screen display quality and efficient juice  delivery methods.


The Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Special Edition is a prime example of how a squonk bottle can easily be filled from, well, just as the name would suggest, topside. An efficient juice delivery system if ever there was.


Let’s not forget the myriad of RDAs that are also now squonk compatible. The Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA is one such dripper that features the ability to use a squonk pin as well as the more traditional dripping style of vaping.


The Pros And Cons Of A Squonking Device


Let’s get a few cons out of the way and end this blog on a more positive note.


It IS Christmas, after all.


It’s important to remember that a squonk bottle is pretty much the same size as a standard 18650 battery. There’s extra size created right there! This means a single cell squonking mod will still take on the appearance of a traditional dual battery box mod.


The problem increases with dual battery squonk mods, obviously. You ain’t gonna be looking at anything pocket friendly but you may get a few admiring looks, if you’re in the right place at the right time! Lol.


The single 18650 squonking mod will also influence the type of coils and the power output available. You won’t get much mileage if you build lower than 0.4ohm (dual) coil resistances.


Many of them are unregulated too. You will have to take responsibility for your own safety and certainly have knowledge of Ohms Law, however boring that may seem.


..Moving on to something more positive before I turn into a right seasonal Scrooge..


Squonking devices can provide the best flavour and cloud production available. There’s no debating that. RDAs always and without exception capture the true nuances created by juices such as Cider Farms Strawberry and Lime.


With bottle sizes from 10ml and upwards there’s no need to worry about refilling as often. You won’t necessarily need to be carting bottles around with you either.


You won’t suffer the inherent mess found with and around dripping. It’s very easy to over drip (been there, got the T shirt) thus creating a mess that only a paper towel can sort.This is because a vacuum is created when releasing a squonk bottle to draw any excess of liquid away from the juice well.


To conclude, you pays your money and you makes ya choice!


I’ve been vaping for over five years now and have to consider myself as something of a traditionalist. Making the jump to RDAs and even RTAs such as the Dovpo Blotto was a natural progression. By the time squonking devices arrived back on the scene I was already an obsessive flavour chaser. The act of dripping had become second nature.


..stick in the mud! lol.


For someone seasoned and open minded to the whole vaping scene, for someone that wants to make the jump from starter kits like the Innokin Endura T20 S or indeed pod systems such as the Smok RPM 40 Pod Kit, RDA’s become a very real proposition.


In which case you’re merely a step away from squonking.

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October 01, 2020

absolutely fab read really enjoyed it


October 01, 2020

Iv never used a squonk before aslways wonted to give it a go and with the info givinen i belive id make the right desion moving forward

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