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June 12, 2020 2 min read

It would be easy to write that I miss the early days of vaping, back when I was using the likes of the Aspire Pockex. Being able to charge the internal battery in the same way I would charge my mobile phone was highly convenient and hassle free.

After a few months I began to notice a frustrating issue. My internal battery was no longer holding its charge the way I needed it to, being something of a chain vaper and reliant on my nicotine fix!

You could say it was a pivotal moment in my vaping journey. The internal workings of my device had suddenly become almost as important as the vape itself.

Enter the world of externally charged batteries.

On occasion I've heard it mentioned that batteries such as the Samsung 30Q 18650 are actually very similar to those found in laptops. In other words, not ideally suited to constant handling. 

This is the reason I use the term BOOM.

In the same way that MAH stands for MilliAmp Hours, BOOM stands for Battery Out Of Mod. Whenever you handle them, remember the potential consequences.

Some basic knowledge and understanding is generally all that's needed. The Lithium ion batteries we use in devices such as the OBS CUBE X are very good at producing power but can also be super volatile with the potential to explode.

Fortunately the majority of vape devices that use external batteries feature circuit protection. A good example is the GeekVape Aegis X. Crucially the positive and negative terminals never come into contact with each other.

There have been a number of instances in the past where BOOM has lead to what is known as thermal runaway, leaving the vaper with nasty injuries. Always due to a lack of understanding and in some case, blatant ignorance.

Take a look at some of the common ways of ensuring your external batteries don't go BOOM!

1. Always "marry" your batteries. The term refers to constantly using the same type of battery, the same manufacturer with a device. Avoid mixing and matching.

2 Use a reputable charger such as the Nitecore I2 Intelli charger 2 Bay.

3. Never charge external batteries overnight and try to use a non combustible surface when doing so.

4. If you need to carry spare batteries with you make sure you enclose them within a plastic container designed for them. You can pick them up for pennies if not free.

5. Purchase only from reputable sources. The majority of companies in the UK will ensure their batteries are certified.

6.Periodically look for signs of wear and tear to the outer wrap of the battery. If you find any your local vape outlet will rewrap them for next to nothing.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg and there will be much more to read from future articles. Battery safety is paramount in my opinion. Sorry if it sounds like I've been scaremongering, that's not my intent. We all have a duty to ourselves to remain safe. Just as importantly, our community can do without all the negative press.

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October 01, 2020

Battery safety is definitely paramount! Especially in hot weather at the moment. Because it’s not only rips in the battery’s itself, if left in a very hot car they can explode. Again not to scare but it’s better to be knowledgeable on this subject!

Another great read and well done on informing everyone On the dangers! and how to look out for ourselves and others.

Brilliant read


August 24, 2020

Good read

I like the content


August 24, 2020

Battery safety is paramount the tiniest tear or rip on a battery wrap must be changed straight away to prevent “Venting” etc,As long as you know your battery safety then you should have no problems

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