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June 12, 2020 2 min read

The answer to that is relatively simple if, like me, you live in the UK.

If you live in the United States of America the water (or E liquid) has very much become muddied. 

It’s no secret the FDA has scurried away on numerous occasions when it comes to the need for regulation on all vape related products, including that of juice manufacture.This has lead to the inevitable balancing of power channeled by the likes of Juul and Philip Morris International.

Enter the Juul pods filled with 50mg nicotine salt. Enter the heat not burn products that contain miniature versions of branded cigarettes!

It’s at this point things become very confusing and for all the wrong reasons.

Suddenly a very basic smoke cessation aid becomes a deadly cocktail containing lethal substances. 

Very recently and extremely worrying, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has been extracted from marijuana and allowed into e liquid using vitamin E acetate as the carrier. Sounds messed up, right?

It is messed up. Bad enough that vapers are now allowed to become stoned, far worse to discover that vapable acetate has the property to literally destroy lung tissue!

This lack of regulation and the ability for minors to obtain products clearly targeted at those of legal age has left Donald Trump scratching his head. 

Let’s break down the facts. Let’s look at what E Liquid really contains, all it needs to contain.

  • VG (vegetable glycerin)

It’s a clear odourless liquid that contains a hint of colour. The more VG in your e liquid, the thicker the overall density. Want bigger clouds? Use more VG because that’s the component responsible! 

  • PG (propylene glycol)

A much thinner liquid than VG, it’s primarily responsible for the throat hit often needed from a virgin vaper to emulate the effects of smoking. Due to having no taste or odour it won’t interfere with the flavour concentrate that’s suspended within.

It might surprise you to learn that some flavourings present in e liquid can be found in other products too. That’s because a lot of vape flavours created have already been tried and tested in common food products. Generally speaking however, vape juice uses synthetic manufactured flavours. They’re harmless when vaped.

Either naturally extracted from tobacco leaves to arrive in the form of nic salts or free base nicotine that needs to be vaped at lower doses, nicotine rates as the most important ingredient when helping smokers make the transition over to vaping. Measured in milligrams the level can range from 0.3mg up to 20mg in the case of nic salt.

That was a very basic run-down of what you should expect to find in E Liquid.

Hardly head scratching stuff, is it?

3 Responses

Ruth Kelly
Ruth Kelly

August 24, 2020

very informative read .. brill job 👏


August 24, 2020

The information is so helpful everyone to understand the way its been format and so informative thank you so much


August 24, 2020

Good read

People need to stop buying products from juul and all other who are a part of big tobacco

And start supporting the true e cig industry

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