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June 12, 2020 3 min read

There seems to be a mixed view of vape shops.


This is caused by perspective and anticipation of what to expect. After all we're also dealing with a mixed group of people.


Some of which are described below.


Beards and Big Butts.


Based upon my own observations there’s that stereotypical bearded guy in a snapback sitting at the counter blasting away at 150W on a Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 and generally reluctant to offer advice to the newbie for fear of losing their “mystical, vapey aura”. Lol


The "Buying for someone else"


Next, we have the person that nips in, exclaims that the Wife / Husband sent them and that they need 100ml of Cider Farms Dark Forest Fruit. Within seconds the sale has gone through and the visitor has swiftly departed. A shop owners dream, for sure!


Of course there’s the social contingent.


Regular customers often build up a rapport with the staff and conversations range from Horizontech Falcon Kings to hoovers and anything in between.

Very often they leave the premises without purchasing. Not quite a shop owners dream!


Then there's the flavour chaser.


Always sticking their heads round the door eagerly asking "Is it in yet"?

They've heard of an original sounding profile that consists of a veritable menu of ingredients their Dovpo Blotto RTA X is simply screaming out for!


Yes! I hold my hands up. I fall into this category. lol


The tester.


Mmm. Very testing! lol . This is where that level of patience really strikes a chord.

Every profile from Banana custard to Cucumber it tested before the sale is finally made.

..If at all.


What about the uninitiated?


You’ll instantly recognise this person too! They'll wave their arms around coughing and spluttering with claims of “ Bit smokey in here “. I did mention uninitiated didn’t I? 


Maybe ill informed sounds better.


Finally let’s move on to who I consider to be the most important customer of all.


The Novice.


This is where vape shops very often make it or break it when it comes to reputation. No business can afford to offer bad service but it does happen from time to time.


This is also where the longest, most drawn out conversations need to be made. A large percentage of these potential customers are going to either be current smokers or those that have failed with previous smoke cessation tools.


At this point, good vaping staff will ask about their smoking patterns, how often they smoke. What type of cigarette they smoke. (i.e tailor made or roll up). It sounds odd to suggest this from a vape shop but it plays a crucial role in knowing what nicotine strength to include with the E-liquid.


Our novice isn’t looking for a cloud chasing set up, either.


This is just as well because I’ve never known anyone to persist when they’ve dived in at the deep end with devices such as the Geekvape Aegis X Mod. Wattage, volts, coil resistance and external batteries are extremely low on the list of priorities.


It’s been a long time since I’ve used a starter kit but I’m still happy to do so. Especially when the occasion calls for a more stealthy vape. Plus I refuse to forget where I started my own vaping journey.


...Look at me! I’m getting all vapey eyed! Lol


Thankfully our novice now has plenty of choice and it will be up to the vape shop staff to make suggestions based upon those smoking habits. All the while, establishing some kind of trusting relationship. Vital!


Starter kits such as the Innokin T18 Kit are a great entry point. The coil installation is novice proof (also vital), the device simple to use and offers fantastic flavour. Cloud production is very similar to a cigarette.


Of course the choice of liquid is a huge exponent in the success or failure of a budding vaper.


To begin with, there’s very little need to go over liquid thicknesses. Avoiding any unnecessary confusion at such an early stage plays a key role in the transitional stage. The most important measure is that our novice actually likes the flavour and doesn't feel intimidated by the amount of cloud produced.


Patience is key to finding them a flavour they feel happy with. For example, Lemon Tart is a very popular profile with many vapers.


Unfortunately I’ve overshot my word count again! 


So to conclude, a successful vape shop will include staff that are patient, willing to listen, able to offer advice and support when needed. Above all, product knowledge is paramount.


That success can always be measured in the repeat sale. Gain the trust, gain that sale!

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