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April 11, 2021 2 min read

I find life to be far more rewarding the more I become curious about new things to do, different ways to do these things and ways I can build on my current experience. This for me is so true when it comes to vaping. I mean who wouldn't want to get better clouds, better flavour and a thoroughly enjoyable experience?

When I came across the concept of rebuildable hardware I was unsure... my closest friend was proudly brandishing this shiny new object and proclaiming that there was “The Ultimate Flavour Experience” on offer. Not only that but he was also making wild claims of coils that could last for a month if cleaned, maintained and re-wicked correctly.

Cleaning coils?...

Lifespan of a month?...

What is he on about?...

Even with the most coil-friendly juice I was getting about a week out of my sub-ohm coils... two weeks at a real push. Plus the fact that I thought my current setup was pretty good! In fact, I thought that my trusty sub-ohm tank was the absolute 'Don' and the flavour was unbeatable.

Now this is a good time to make an important statement. I still absolutely love sub-ohm tanks and they do have lots of pros when it comes to choosing your setup. Many have their own unique draw and vaping experience and this isn't an article to say one is better than the other.

Well, actually, I am kind of saying that. When it comes to flavour, customisability, coil longevity and saving money in the process, I thoroughly believe you cannot beat rebuildable hardware! With a big IF. 

IF you learn to build and wick your rebuildable tank efficiently (saving wastage of cotton) and IF you carefully and correctly clean and maintain your coils (in a suitable material-friendly manner) then in my experience you can achieve the ultimate in all the areas mentioned above! 

For now this article is going to focus on the art of wicking.

Very quickly before I go further (and as a brief caveat to the money-saving claim above) I must say that it has taken a fair amount of practice, getting it wrong and doing it badly to get to where I am at today. So I would like to refer you back to the intro above and a statement I made in my previous article on R.D.T.A's.

Learn new ways of doing things and experimentation is key. 

To expand on that I encourage you to go straight to your favourite search engine, forum or media platform and type in the words “wicking techniques” or “vaping cotton reviews” for example. Then try things out and don't worry if the first results aren't outstanding. Not everything that is stated as fact is truth, and my best results have come from trying new techniques exactly as guided on the internet but then playing around and bending the “rules” a bit. 

Apart from safety rules...Yeah don't do that! 

Asking someone with more experience than you about how they do things and what works has generally always been well worth it and I highly recommend doing this. 

More to come in part 2!

- Creator - Peter Stephens - 

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