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How Safe Is Your Fag Tonight? (4 min read)

From a vapers perspective the majority of it was laughable at best, downright frustrating at worst and somewhere in between a few nuggets of truth were thrown in.
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A Sesh About Mesh (3 min read)

It’s not just the quality but the material used and just how it is used. For example, I’m a big fan of Wotofo quad core fused clapton pre made coils. Ni80 hits harder and faster than Kanthal.
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Which One Are You? (5 min read)

Based upon my own observations there’s that stereotypical bearded guy in a snapback sitting at the counter blasting away at 150W on a Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 and generally reluctant to offer advice to the newbie for fear of losing their “mystical, vapey aura”. Lol
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The Positive Effects Of Vaping (3min read)


If you’ve been vaping for a while now you’ll know doubt have picked up on how awful tobacco smells. There’s simply no comparison between a candy floss vape aroma and someone that smells like they’ve been standing around a bonfire for an eternity!
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The Negative Effects Of Vaping (3min read)

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Way back when I first made the all important transition, I still had a natural tendency to chain vape. See, I was a chain smoker of roll ups for years on end. It’s the one habit I’ve retained over my five years of vaping.
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Mech Maintenance (3 min read) #passthemech


Mechanical mods can range in price. Yes, you can pick up a clone here and there but generally speaking an authentic device can come at a hefty price.
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